How To Unlink Facebook And Instagram!

How To Unlink Facebook And Instagram!

If you have connected your Facebook and Instagram together and want to unlink it, then please follow the steps below.

1) Go to your Facebook profile. There you will find a down arrow in the top right corner of your app. Click on it and click on Settings from there.

2) In your settings page, at the left-hand side of this page, under the “Connections” section, select Instagram.

3) Now, here at the bottom of this page, you can see an option of “unlink account”. After clicking that option and confirming it if asked (by sending a message). Now try logging out from both Facebook and Instagram apps by choosing log out from each.

4) After doing all these steps successfully, now open with any browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. to ensure that you are completely logged out from Instagram.

5) Now open your Facebook app and delete its cache/data by going into Settings -> Apps -> Select your Facebook app -> clear data. Use the same steps for Facebook Messenger too if you have it installed.

6) Log out from Facebook in all the browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) you opened previously with your account to ensure that this is done successfully. You can also check under the Security section of General Account Settings on Here you can see the “Log out other sessions” option at the bottom which will log out all the other connected sessions including the android device connected via Facebook app or connected via, Facebook messenger, etc.

7) Now try logging into your Instagram account on If you are logged in successfully, then congratulations! You have successfully managed to unlink your Facebook and Instagram accounts. Let us know if you face any issues or questions regarding this post by commenting below!

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